『 EGO TRIP ーエゴトリップー』は、 アラブ・アジアなどの伝統楽器や、現代の楽器を融合して、どこか遠くの異国にいるような気分になる音楽を創造しています。

"EGO TRIP" . We use traditional musical instruments such as Arab · Asia and modern instruments, We are creating music that makes me feel like being in a foreign country somewhere.



2008年に日本へ帰国。その後、ホテル、クラブ、クルーズ、レストラン等におけるイベントやパーティーにてシンガー&ダンサーとして数々のショーに出演。2012年、スペインイビサの老舗レーベル「Etnicanet Records」そして2013年、イビサ伝説のDJ、DJ Pippiによるレーベル「Aluminum Records」からのコンピレーションアルバムにシンガー/ソングライターとしてU-KAが参加を果たす。2015年、コンポーザー/アレンジャーであるYUJIと出会う。彼の音楽性に共鳴し、”EGO TRIP”の音楽制作プロジェクトに参加。


"Formerly a singer/songwriter/ oriental fusion dancer, during her tenure in the United States from 2001, U-KA In 2006, she began recording with producer Erik Rico who has worked with artists like Q-Tip, Common, 2Pac, and Jurassic 5, among others.
Returning to Japan in 2008, she has regularly performed as an event singer and dancer.

Beginning from 2012, U-KA began recording in Europe, performing on various compilation albums from labels in Ibiza, Spain.
While performing at many hotels, clubs, restaurants and other venues in Tokyo, she encountered YUJI who is a producer & composer for “EGO TRIP” and started the creative work together.



Oud,Saz,Buzuki,Mandolin,Cumbus,E-sitar,Guitars,Bass,Protools Programing
2002年頃EGO TRIPを結成すべての作曲と編曲を手がける。民族楽器を使った音楽を得意としている。ライブでは、ウード(アラブ)、サズ(トルコ)、ブズーキー(ギリシャ)、クンパス(トルコ)等の民族楽器を演奏する。


Yuji Profile:
Oud, Saz, Buzuki, Mandolin, Cümbüş, E-sitar, Guitars, Bass, Protools Programing
He formed EGO TRIP around 2002.I work on all songs and arrangements.
He is good at music using ethnic musical instruments.In live and recording, we play ethnic instruments such as Oud (Arab), Saz (Turkey), Bouzhou (Greece), Cumppus (Turkey) etc.
In his another project, Araboom of the ethnic electronics unit.
Regular host of regular event Very Belly Night(An event where more people enjoy belly dancing.) started from 2008.






EGO TRIP, formed around 2000.
In 2002 Nack 5, InterFM, community FM radio program, OnAir of songs and guest appearances.
In 2003 Nack 5 indie band program contest received Monthly Excellence Award etc.
2005 January EMI Japan participated in the omnibus "GAL BAN - Graduation story -". Covering "Yumeno Tochu".
After that, the project was ongoing, but it stopped warming without stopping.
Restarted in 2015 upon joining U-KA. It reaches the present.

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